Thursday, May 21, 2015

Homeschooling With R.I.C Publications

R.I.C Publications is an Australian owned and operated publisher of workbooks and teacher supplies. They have sent me a small selection of books in order for our family to make some use of and share our thoughts on them with you.

*I received the following books from RIC Publications to review them, all opinions expressed are purely my own and those of my children.*

The first book I'm sharing is one for the Early Primary Years. It is a magazine for teachers in fact, "Class Ideas", this particular edition has a focus on Civics & Citizenship, along with various other topics.

I do really like how they have included a huge list of ideas to cover the topic of Civics & Citizenship across all of the subject areas, there are a great deal of ideas here.

There are several reproducible worksheets with a focus on developing knowledge and understanding  about what it means to be a good citizen. I really like the magazine includes an extensive picture book list to go along with the overall theme.

I was also sent the ANZAC DAY  - Honouring Our Heritage Workbook. What a shame it was just a couple of days too late for us to make much use out of this year. It includes maps, reading passages, cloze activities and hands on activities.

I've had several thoughts about next years ANZAC Day unit already, now that my kids have a good grasping of this time period so I will be sure to share details of how we are using this workbook along with our ANZAC studies next year.

Next up, Democracy - Power To The People. This topic has been on my mind for awhile now and I know that this particular book will definitely get a good workout. Not only does it cover democracy in Australia, but also topics such as The United Nations, Amnesty International and Ghandi. This unit may not be as boring as I had first thought it would be!

Again they have included a massive array of ideas for hands on cross curricular activities, this part of the book is a real treasure as it will absolutely help in making the unit come alive!

We are currently working our way through an Australian History Unit with our small family co-op and have decided that a unit on Democracy will flow on nicely from that. Therefore it may be a little while before I can share a full review of this item with you.

Finally, the Awesome Art and Craft books. I had to hunt my daughter down so I could photograph these. She's been looking through them non stop since they arrived here on our doorstep.

So far I very much like what I see. Full colour photographs with detailed step by step instructions on a huge variety of art and crafts. Stay tuned, as I'm sure I will sharing creations from these very soon!

Did you know that you can view inside every single workbook that RIC Publications has in their catalogue. I absolutely love this about their website, it is such a great feature and one I wish more curriculum suppliers would utilise.

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