Friday, February 13, 2015

A Day In Our Life ~ NBTS February 2015

It's week 3 of the Not back To School Blog Hop, co hosted by yours truly and Chareen over at Every Bed of Roses

This week it's time be a fly on the wall and join us for a 'Day In Our Lives'.  

Hope you can join in with the fun too, I'd love to come spend a homeschool day with you.

6:30am ~ I'm up, tea in hand, checking emails and the like
House is ever so quiet

7:45am ~ Time for another tea
Have last minute work to do for camp coming up next week
I'm a tad a nervous given I've organised this camp for 50+ kids and their families!
House is still quiet aahhh so nice

8:00am ~ The boys are up
A spot of quiet screen time for them
Have a pile of clean washing to put away

8:45am ~ All kids are on a group minecraft session.
I really should get them going for the day but feeling a little unmotivated

8:55am ~ mmmm Thinking I should probably have a quick shower

9:10am ~ That's better
Breakfast is in action
Love my fresh juice

9:15 am ~ My baby climbs onto my lap for mummy cuddles
Enjoy enjoy enjoy, never know when it will be the last time he does this

9:20am ~ Put on a small load of washing
Fresh juice for the kids
Same ingredients as mine, just a couple more apples to sweeten

9:40am ~ Table Time!

Reading aloud
Days of the week
Admiring last weeks sketches
Discussion about the rest of the day
Begging for more story time

10:30am ~ History

Making A start on our journey through The Renaissance

11:00am ~ Skwirk

Science and SOSE
Everyone busy
I, bring in washing,
Hang out washing
Tidy kitchen
In between 'mum calls'

11:30am ~ Math Prodigy (prodigy game)

12:00pm ~ Lunch Break

12:30pm ~ Bath & hair wash for the child with the broken arm
DS 13 read library books to DS 6

1:00pm ~ Quiet reading in bedrooms

2:00pm ~ I spent a little more time doing some co-op planning

Other two kids are showering and washing hair
We are heading out tonight to have dinner with some homeschool friends

3:00pm ~ Making Valentines
More Prodigy Math

Today was very laid back and relaxed, none of us were really all that into it but still a fairly productive none the less.

And that is where I am going to leave you. I'm shooing my kids outside and I'm off to get myself organised before we head out.

I can't wait to see all the link ups for this week. Fly on the wall posts are totally fun! We all want a glimpse of how others run their days. So be sure to link and read all of the posts this week :-)

Happy Homeschooling,
Kylie x


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