Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Week that Was: Halloween Chickens & Mexican Poinsettia's

After the ups and downs of the past couple of weeks I was pretty determined that we would do our best to have a regular and mostly normal week this time round.

We did pretty well with that, still didn't get to anywhere near as much as I would've liked to but there's always next week!

Co-op day saw us taking a closer look at the Taiga Biome, via discussion, documentary clips and slideshows. Everyone completed their flip book and got to work on their collages.

We also completed an activity on the Seven Ancient Wonders of The World and covered Inclined Planes in our Simple Machines unit.

For B, this week was all about finishing off Fractions with Math U See Epsilon, I have a feeling he's quite happy to have that behind him. Now time to knuckle down and complete the remainder of the Decimals lessons with Zeta.

Fix It grammar is going quite well. At this early stage it is all review for him, but so far this appears to be the one grammar program we have tried that seems to make the most sense to both of us. He is completing a full weeks worth of lessons in one sitting, at the moment. I really like that it includes vocabulary words and the use of a good old fashioned dictionary.

If you follow along on my Facebook page you would have noticed that I recently purchased the Logic Of English program. I spent a considerable amount of time reading reviews and watching video's before jumping in and purchasing this program. It's far too early to offer much in the way of thoughts on it just yet, but so far it has had K and I practicing phonograms and jumping head first into learning cursive handwriting.

We headed out to Art Lessons again this week, where the theme was Halloween inspired acrylics. This was quite an interesting activity, the idea was to paint a Halloween scene that also included chickens, sounds a little strange huh! Apparently next week at art the chickens will come into play again so everyone went along with's Halloween in the chicken coop!!

Venus! We visited Venus this week as part of our space explorations, although we did run out of time to complete our craftivity on that one so first up Monday morning it will have to be.

Friday afternoon saw us gathering for a visit to Mexico as part of our Christmas Around The World Unit. We tried our hand at singing a couple (listening to) of traditional carols, chatted about the Los Posadas festival, marked our maps and made sure we all knew where Mexico was on the world map.

We watched this retelling of the story, The Legend of the Poinsettia, made our very own poinsettia crafts and finished the afternoon off with putting together Mexican inspired Pinata's, which are currently hanging on the tree waiting for our end of term party!

And that is another week done and dusted.

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Dawn Rebekah said...

The art and science projects look right up my alley. I love hands on activities. Thanks for sharing all of your great learning.
Blessings, Dawn

Nita said...

I've heard lots of good things about the Logic of English. I too have changed things up a bit this school year, but it's nice t be able to. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

Mary Prather said...

You accomplished so much this week -- I love all of the hands on, memorable activities! Thanks for linking with Collage Friday :-)

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