Thursday, May 2, 2013

Preschool With LEGO

We've been having loads of preschool LEGO fun lately. There is so many fabulous ideas on using LEGO this theme was so simple for me to put together.

All I needed to do was visit my Pinterest LEGO board and it was all there waiting for me!

Stamp, Count and Write the number

Measuring with LEGO

Counting bricks. 
He chose to hand draw his bricks as opposed to placing the actual bricks onto the strips.

Matching the names to the characters. 
The only two he didn't know was viking and mime.

Ink pad stamping with Duplo blocks.

Of course there's always plenty of building going on.

Colour Patterns


A closer look at mini figure sports

Counting Duplo

Rhyming Words

Roll, add and colour

Plus others that didn't get photographed. What little boy doesn't like playing with LEGO. Thanks to the wonderful people that put together all of these LEGO bits and pieces.

You can access all of them on my LEGO Pinterest board.

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Bible Fun For Kids said...

Great ideas! Pinned it to come back to! Thanks for sharing at TGIF!

Unknown said...

That a fun idea! We LOVE Lego's at our house too! I am adding to my buffer to share this week =-)

Thanks for linking up at TGIF! and sharing your creativity with all of us I hope to see you linked up again today!

Have a GREAT weekend,
Beth =)

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