Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sketch Tuesday - Robots - Our First Time

Have you seen Sketch Tuesday?

Each Tuesday a new theme is posted, everyone has a week to complete their sketches and send them in.

Just for fun! Just for the love of drawing!

We are hoping to participate this year, although it may not be every single week.

This week the theme was 'Robots'.

It's interesting to marvel at the differences and similarities between the children's drawings. The yellow robot is actually quite small,

Whereas, even though yellow in colour, this guy fills the entire page.

Delicate fingers for lots of grabbing on this robot come martian.

Visit Sketch Tuesday to see loads more!

Sketch tuesday


Kerrie said...

I did the robot sketch with my kids and a few others that were here that day. they had a blast, and then it lead to a box construction activity where as teams they designed a robot... thanks for the tip :)

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