Monday, September 3, 2012

Questacon – Science Centre

This was one of the most anticipated places on our list to visit. We’ve heard so many great things about Questacon, which often, really isn’t a great thing as our expectations were high.


This psychedelic light tunnel was mesmerising.


The Questacon building over looks Lake Burley Griffin.


The interactive science fun begins before you even enter the building.


A large central ramp leads to the top, with various science inspired sculptures suspended from the ceiling and adorning the walls.

There are eight galleries in total that all fan off in a spiral direction around the central ramp. We decided to start from the top and work our way down.


I could have taken hundred’s of photo’s during our time here. But I’m quite certain you don’t want to see every single item that Questacon has to offer.

I was impressed to see that in each Gallery the staff have worked hard to ensure all age groups are catered for. So whilst the first gallery we entered was definitely aimed at older children there were also enough interactive things happening to keep Little Surfer Dude entertained too.


There’s even plenty of fun for the big kids here as well.


All of us were captivated watching this harmonograph.


Taking a closer look at Continental Drift, from where the continents began , to where they are today, to where they could possibly be in the future.

This entire gallery had a natural disaster focus, Tsunamis, Lightning, Landslides and an entire room set up for visitors to experience an earthquake with a magnitude of 5. That was quite an experience.


Lots of silly mirrors are speckled through the centre just to keep everyone giggling.



Fairy Princess enjoyed playing around with heat imaging exhibit.


The staff and many volunteers were all friendly and engaging. Here the kids are participating in some simple surface tension and air pressure experiments.


Definitely a major hit was the Free Fall Slide.


Photographs simply don’t do this room any justice, it was one huge illuminated light show and what looks like a mess of tubes on the back wall is actually a giant ball maze!


On the bottom level is an entire gallery especially for the under 6 crowd. As you can imagine, Little Surfer Dude was on cloud nine in here.

It certainly must be a popular destination for mums with little kids to hang out in that’s for sure.
This gallery is split into several smaller themed galleries, such as this mechanics area.


A construction zone area,

including a working conveyor belt


A cafe/bakery where every little shop keeper can tend their store for as long as they wish.

There was also a Space area and a water play area too boot!

Overall we had a fabulous few hours here. Not the full day out we had expected, but a great experience none the less.

Entry Fee: $60 for a family
Time To Allow: 2 – 3 hours
Parking: Terrible, we simply could not find a park anywhere in the nearby area

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