Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Peg Reindeer, Footprint Reindeer and a Santa Card

Aside from the adorable calico Angel decorations that the kids made at their extra curricular days, they put together these little cuties.

Yet another simple craft, isn't simple generally best! Yet it looks so effective. Three pegs, painted brown, glued together. Add a couple of pieces of felt, a pom pom nose, googly eyes and some ribbon.

And hang them on the tree!

I love this Handprint/Footprint Reindeer, "Happy Holidays" wall hanging. These would make gorgeous gifts.

Fairy Princess made hubby and I a Christmas Card. Hand coloured, decorated wth glitter and of course Santa's Beard. She was very proud of this one and was excited to give it to us.

Our Worldwide Classroom


e-Expeditions said...

So cute! I love the footprint reindeer. :)

The Homeschool Den said...

How funny--we did these same ornaments this year! (The reindeer made out of clothes pegs and candy canes.) I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! ~Liesl

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