Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's In A Name Part 2

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This was a hit and oh so simple.
Write the child's name on a chalkboard and have
them paint over it with water!

How easy is that.

Why not take it outside on the driveway and write huge names to paint over.

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Michelle said...

We've been doing our form drawing with water on the board since my oldest hates the dust chalk puts in the air, and my little one is always ready to join in. I'm always amazed how such simple changes can brighten up an entire morning! :)

Anonymous said...

thats so nice and wonderfull idea .. i will try it soon with my kids :)
thank you so much

Bianca said...

What a brilliant idea!!! So good for fine motor development and letter recognition. Thanks Kylie - I will be using this one!

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