Thursday, January 20, 2011

Real Math Real Fun Real Gentle

I wanted to introduce you to Arthimetic Village today.

An engaging, fun, active and gentle way to introduce children to mathematic concepts, through whimsical, light hearted rhyming stories with kind and gentle characters.

I was thrilled when Kimberley, the author, agreed to send me the books to review and use in our homeschool. I didn't, however realise, that I would be receiving five autographed books from Kimberley, that was very sweet. :-)

Arthimetic Village is built on the premise that the best learning experiences are effortless and light hearted. With the engaging characters inside the covers of these books children will develop a deep understanding of number value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Each book covers these concepts in more detail.

Arithmetic Village is the first book in the series.

It uses verse to introduce the basic math concept of number value and sets the tone for the Village.

Arithmetic Village explains number placement with easy to understand symbols: one jewel = 1, a golden bag = 10, and a treasure chest = 100.

Polly Plus is the second book in the series.

Polly introduces the concept of addition by collecting and adding jewels to give to the King.

Linus Minus is the third book, in the Arithmetic Village series, which teaches math with characters and rhyme.

Linus playfully introduces the concept of subtraction.

He joyfully loses jewels throughout the village.

Tina Times is the fourth book, in ¨Arithmetic Village¨ which teaches using characters and rhyme.

Tina is fast and efficient as she introduces the concept of multiplication.

She discovered the trick of counting in groups to make adding quick.
King David Divide is the last book in Arithmetic Village.

King David is mighty and wise, sharing jewels equally is what he decides.

He introduces the concept of division by equally distributing jewels throughout the village.

His dog, Rover gets the jewels that are remaining.

I am very excited to have these in our collection for Math this year and in the coming years. I know that K will love the characters immensely and I am looking forward to sharing the stories with her.

I've been busy preparing my jewels, sacks of jewels and chest of jewels for K to play with and explore and I am just now heading over to the Arthimetic Village site to begin printing and laminating all of the fabulous activities that Kimberley has made available over there.

I'll keep you updated on how we are enjoying Arthimetic Village but in the meantime I thought you might like to watch this short video series, from the Kimberley, about the stories.


Jackie Higgins said...

These look like cute stories. I love anything that has a math literacy link. I wish there had been more resources like this when I was a kid. I probably would have been a better math student! I'm sharing this article with my friends on Facebook.

Parent and Child Reading Assistance said...

Anytime you can get a child to understand math in a real way, you've started that child out right!
This program looks like it will help a child understand math in a real way.

I've used unifix cubes to teach math, but this looks like more fun.

Christan/MamaBearPing said...

That looks like a wonderful program! My girls love fairy tales and this might be a wonderful way to introduce these concepts to them. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Jenny said...

That sounds like a great math program. My daughter would love the idea of using jewels for math!

BookChook said...

It's so important for children's books to help kids make real life connections, and it sounds like these books do just that! I also like the way the art work is gentle and muted.

Debbie said...

I am going to have to check into these. They sound like such a great way to introduce math. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on them.

Sara said...

Great review! I had these in mind for some time and remembered this post. I'm going to check them out.

Sara said...

Pinned this.

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