Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Fun: Favourite Board Games

I had every intention of including some photo's of us actually playing our current favourite games as lately we have been playing lots, but not this past week.

Typical hey, as soon as you want something it doesn't happen!

So anyway, I'll share our current favourites. I admit we have a large amount of board games and some of them we just do not get to, but I am sure over time we will.

Playing games with an 8 year old, that can just about play any adult game, a 6 year old that still requires alot of assistance and a 2 year old that just delights in trashing the game at every opportunity, is well, let's say, challenging at best.

I have been strewing our games lately, choosing one or two out of the cupboard and leaving them out and of course they always get picked up. It is interesting to hear the comments when a freshly strewed game is opened. "Mum, I'm really not into this game!", "Mum I don't like playing this game!" etc etc and then after a few nights of play, suddenly the game is the best ever!

Blokus, is a challenging game, the first to use all of their oddly shaped pieces on the board is the winner. Players pieces must touch each other but only on the corners. Lots going on here and surprsingly our 6 year old did really very well at this game, once she got the hang of the corner touching.

I think the blokus board is great for younger ones to just sit and play with the pieces, manipulating them into the slots on the board. Each player also has loads of little pieces infront of them that can kep a toddler busy whilst you play the game, just remember to check under the table regularly for stray pieces ;-)

Sequence has been a favourite in our home since we first received it and it remains to be so today.

It is a combination of a card game and a board game in one. It is also really fun played in teams.

B first started out with this game not long before he was 7, sitting on someone's lap and watching everything that went on and slowly having a turn here and there.

He progressed to having someone play with him and it really didn't take very long at all for him to begin tackling the game on his own.

Now he is very much holding his own, this is a busy game with lots happening on the board and depending on who you play with it is also a fast paced game so you do need your wits about you.

 In all honesty this is not one of my favourite games, however the kids love it!

It's loud and people are bumping you back to home all the time and it never seems to end. I think all of the reasons why I don't like the game are the exact reasons why the kids do!!

Everyone except C(2) can easily play this game, sometimes K(6) may need a little advice as to who she should bump off the board but aprt from that it is pretty easy to pick up.

The kids love it when you bump someone, they all sing in chorus (C included) 'sorry, sorry, sorry', it cause quite a raucous this game.

What are your favourite family board games? Join in with the hop and share them with us, we love finding new games. You still have plenty of time to join in.


jojoebi-designs said...

I LOVED Sorry as a kid!
we are into the African game macala at the moment, trouble is, my son is much better at it than me!

Ticia said...

I totally forgot about Blokus when I was writing my post, which should be coming out soon.

I'm looking forward to introducing my kids to Sequence, but should probably wait a little bit.

Hey, how long did it take you to pick a design out for making over your blog? I'm having the hardest time finding one I like.

Elise said...

At the momet our favourite "baord game" is a gaint version that is stuck on our living room floor with masking tape. I just wrote a blog post about all of the ways we are using it.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I can't wait until Anna is a bit older and can play more games. Now we play mostly homemade games that my husband made for her and also occasional Shape-Up.

amandab said...

Candyland and Junior Monopoly are the favourites of our almost 4yo. Her 7yo cousin always wants to play the adult Monopoly, but both of them get bored of that too quickly.

Joelle said...

One of my boys really like to play sorry. Thanks for sharing all of these games.

April said...

I loved playing Sorry as a kid and I still like playing Sequence but I haven't played in a while!

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