Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tot Toys: Wooden Nesting Blocks

I wanted to show you some of the great Christmas Gifts the kids got this year, some of them are really fabulous and great little finds.

Like this set of Nesting Blocks that I found at Eco Toys

These will be fabulous Tot School Activity for C and although he is limited in what he can do with them at the moment they will grow with him. B and K have been showing loads of different ways to stack and build the blocks so it will be interesting to watch him grow with these over the coming year.


Stuff On My Blog said...

Oh those are gorgeous! I can see the older kids having just as much fun as the wee guy with those. I'm SO going to spend some time (and probably money lol) on that website.

Raising a Happy Child said...

So-so jealous - what a great toy!

Elise said...

I think my little "builders" would absolutely love these. I am going to pop over to that website and check it out. Thank you for sharing this great find.

Kylie said...

Have fun Cari!

Our welcome Elise. :)

Karen said...

Beautiful@!! what a lovely gift!! I'm sure that my princess would love them!! Thanks for share it, I will visit Eco Toys!! they have a web????

Kylie said...

Karen there is a link above the first photo. I think I mayhave to change my link colour as it doesn't really show up very well does it!

Raven said...

Just gorgeous! Lovely wooden toys practically make me drool. Adding these to our wish list!

Eco Toys said...

Thanks for sharing Kylie! I have linked to your post from our play & learn article on the Rainbow Nesting Blocks.


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