Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick Update

Ok I know I haven't been here much of late, no real excuses, just busy with life. So anyway here are a few pics with just a bit of what we've been up to this past week or so.

We had an absolutley fabulous up close and personal experience with some reptiles. Brian from Crocodiles and Dragons brought his little brood along for us to enjoy.

With only 20 children there everyone got up very close and in most cases they all got to hold the reptiles as well. This was fantastic! One of the best wildlife experiences we've had yet.

This has to be one of the best upsides to homeschooling - small groups mean more hands on and way more fun! No looking from the back over the heads of 40 or so other children here, my kids were right in the middle of it.

With Bearded Dragons

And Shingle Back Lizards

To Blue Tongues (B7 looks really into it here)

But when he actually touches the lizard, he's not so sure.

And a lively Turtle,

To a huge Crocodile. We all knew he had a crocodile in that box but no one ever expected it to be so big. He wasn't overly happy that day so was only out for a short play....I'd say that was probably a good thing hehehe

And then there was this experience. I am still totally blown away that both B7 and K4 were up for this, they did great and both seemed to really enjoy the experience.

Mum on the other hand,

Well, let's just say that isn't quite a smile of joy. CBub, however was really quite intrigued, especially when the snake decided to slither and move right around the back of his neck.

Definitely a fantastic opportunity and one I am sure the kids will remember for a log time to come.
I hadn't planned on doing any extension activities after the presentation, but the kids were eager. So we have been putting together a simple lapbook (since mum had nothing organised) I grabbed everything I needed from Home School Share - thanks guys.

We also had our second Art Gallery Workshop and were lucky enough to have the artist with us again. This time we tried our hand at Paper Cutting Techniques, some of which were quite tricky. Everyone added a piece or two to the huge wall mural the Art Gallery was creating.
The kids also made these nifty little notepad holders at bunnings, they enjoyed that. Sanding, gluing, painting, hammering and this is what we ended up with.


Jolanthe said...

oooo...that snake.....makes me get the shivers!

Kylie said...

Tell me about it. I still get the heebie geebies just looking at the photos!!

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