Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book Club - Week 1, Term 2

Through LHEN we have organsied a children's book club at Logan Library, we had the first meet up today. It was always going to be a little unknown as to how many would show up and what the age mix would be.

The librarian (Jenny) used today as a 'getting to know you' day. The children were asked to brainstorm lists of books that they enjoyed. They could inlcude, favourite authors, series, themes, anything really that they liked to read about. As you can imagine the list was long, very long!

From that list a theme for the month was chosen - ANIMALS - so B7 and K4 now need to choose a book that relates in some way to animals. We will take the books they have read along with us to the next club meet up in a month's time for discussion and activities revolving around the ANIMAL theme.
From there it was library treasure hunt time. The children were broken into groups and were given a set of clues that had them hunting and meandering through the children's section of the library. This was fun, for both the big kids and the little and it gave all of us an opportunity to really see where everything is in the library.

We are looking forward to future book clubs, wonder what they'll have in store for us next time.


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