Saturday, April 7, 2012


I wanted to take a moment to introduce all of you to our new blog sponsor, Skwirk Interactive Schooling.

Skwirk has pioneered Australia’s first online, syllabus-specific, interactive learning portal for primary and secondary school students.

Covering the core subjects for each Australian state syllabus and currently working toward the new ‘Australian Curriculum’, Skwirk's aim is to become the most trusted name and learning destination for teachers, students and parents.

Skwirk covers years K-10, with subjects including Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Technology and Commerce.

Skwirk caters to as many different learning and teaching styles as possible, with over 20,000 pages of text, 2000 educational animations and ebooks, 1000 interactive activities, 1000 educational videos, along with podcasts, worksheets, pop quizzes and much more.

Redapple Education’s Skwirk has been placed on Education Services Australia (ESA) register of digital resource suppliers that will support the implementation of the new Australian Curriculum.

Our family will be utilising Skwirk in our Home School over the coming months and will share with you our adventures with this type of interactive learning.

Disclosure: We have been given a 12 month family subscription to Skwirk for the purposes of sharing our journey with this online interactive learning program.


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