Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bambino Academy - More Easter Themed Works

Here are a few more of our Easter themed work trays, for the Bambino among us. Quite often the bigger kids use some of these and that's all good too.

Pastel playdough with these super cute cutters. These have been played with every day this past week.

Easter Bunny puzzle, a little above his ability so someone normally gives him a hand.

Easter Playdough mats. Crosses on hot cross buns, eggs in a basket and adding features to the Easter Bilby.

Handwriting, vocabulary practice.

Cards and counters.

1 - 10 Easter Bilby Puzzle.

Tonging easter 'gemstones'.

Pattern strips

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Amber said...

Great ideas :) Where can i find those gem stones? I've been searching for a long time and not come across them.

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