Sunday, February 26, 2012

NBTS Blog Hop - Day In Our Life

This, our final week of the hop. I hope you've had fun, made some new connections and found like minded others. A huge thank you to all of you that participated and helped to spread the word.

So this week is a day in our life, please forgive me there are no photo's for my post, ran out of time.

Woken by kisses on my face from a gorgeous 3 year old
Restless night with him still being unwell.....someone give me a coffee already
Can't believe how dark it is in the bedroom, thinking it's only 5:30am
Aha! It's raining outside.

Biggens still snoozin
Time to go stare at the computer screen for a bit ;-)
Emails . check. blogs . check . forum . check. fb . check . posts scheduled - working on it

Lego Lover stumbles out of bed
He's fairly chipper in the mornings
However he enjoys a spot of kiddie cartoons with his little brother

Little Surfer Dude is ready for play, out come his Automoblox.
Fabulous wooden, snap together building mobiles
Expensive, wishing we could get more
Thankful I found the two we have for half price

Lego Lover is, well, playing with Lego
Constructing, Designing, Creating

Tummies rumble
Now the day really begins

Chores, interspersed with play
Last minute printing for the day

Both boys at the table
Math for Lego Lover
Tot Notebook for Little Surfer Dude
Fairy Princess was up in the night, she sleeps

Fairy Princess wakes
Takes some time for quiet independent play
Washing Machine whirring

Read Aloud for Lego Lover - Usborne Story of Ships

All three at the table, oops one's gone already
Phonics & Reading Practice for Fairy Princess
Fresh juice for everyone (apple, carrot, orange, baby spinach)
A few short stories for the 3 year old, then he's off playing

Washing Machine whirring again
Dryer tumbling (it's raining)
Dishwasher, washing
Little Surfer Dude washing plastics
Water everywhere!
Fairy Princess has a moment of rebellion,
Sent to her room to think about her words & actions
Lego Lover finishes grammar

Boys are building a block zoo
Fairy Princess & I work together
She is smiling & laughing
I remind myself yet again,
That right now she needs my undivided attention to succeed with her daily work

Together we read our current 'row'
The Ballad of Skip & Nell
Lego Lover makes a list of places visited
Fairy Princess finds the matching animal cards when they appear in the story
Little Surfer Dude matches animal figurines with the cards
Together we add in the remainder of the 3 part cards
Vocabulary building for Little Surfer Dude
Word Recognition for Fairy Princess
Spelling for Lego Lover

Lego Lover instigates an art activity
Sketching the Frilled Neck Lizard in the story
Finishing them with Oil Pastels

Lunch being prepared whilst they work

Riding scooters on the deck,
Enjoying the slight break in the rain
Wishing the damn phone would stop ringing during our school day!

Here comes the rain!
Little Surfer Dude resting
Biggin's finishing off their art
Fairy Princess begins drying out rose petals

Little Surfer Dude braves the weather to play in the sand pit (underneath the cubby)
Fairy Princess begins work on her creation with left over paper from a bunch of flowers
Lego Lover continues with the Frilled neck Lizard project
I make a start on prepping the next art activity based on The Ballad of Skip & Nell

 Begged by all 3 kids to begin the art project I was in the middle of prepping
I'm not ready!!!!
We start anyway ;-)

I'm exhausted, this has been a big day for me in regards to input,
Seeing to everyone's needs, sorting out disputes, assisting with projects
All whilst being stuck indoors due to the weather
I suggest some downtime in front of the box, since it's raining outside
Now to tackle the enormous mess

What about you? How was your day?

Please add your link below.


Ingi said...

Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of the Blog Hop - it was much fun! I've enjoyed sneaking a peak into yours and other's homeschool lives!

It always feels as though you are playing catch-up when you homeschool though - your children are waiting on you to provide the next activity! But I wouldn't change it for the world at the moment (I may change my mind later)

The Homeschool Den said...

I absolutely love these kind of posts! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us. I loved the part about keeping the laundry running! ~Liesl

Erin said...

What a lovely flow to your day. Love the natural flow between formal learning and playing:) Ah yes, my days have finally run better since I learnt to use the answering machine. This week I broke my rule and answered just before starting, bad move.

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