Thursday, February 23, 2012

Australian States Printable

These have been available on my Printables page for some time, however I received a message letting me know that I had accidentally uploaded the publisher file instead of a the PDF, making it more difficult for some people to grab these.

I have since rectified that, please visit this link to download a copy of these 3 part cards.

If you have never used 3 part cards before and are wondering what on earth you do with them, the following may assist:

How To Present 3 Part Cards Video

5 Ways To Use 3 Part Cards


Ingi said...

Ooh - thanks Kylie - we needed some Australian States to stick on our Federation poster - all done now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Kylie for these great Australian state cards! We love them!

Our Crazy Happy Home said...

Thank you so much. Exactly what we need right now. :)

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