Friday, May 6, 2011

Drive In Fun

To celebrate one of our dear little friends 6th Birthday, we headed to the Drive In.  The kids have only ever been once before, (when I was hugely pregnant with C) and this was obviously C's first time.

I admit I was concerned about how he would go, after all he is only just getting through a 30 minute episode of Playschool. DH, K and C got settled in the back of the Hilux, all rugged up with their popcorn and lollies. C did brilliantly well, why did I ever doubt him and he is still talking about the fun he had.

The big girls hung out on chairs out front and giggled our way through the funny but generally quite ridiculous movie.

The boys were more than happy to hang out on a mattress, stuffing their faces throughout the movie.

Oh so you want to know what movie we actually saw. Ok I guess that might help a little.

Anyway, I am sure most who see this will enjoy it. Whilst I did find myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion I found the whole thing quite lacking. Actually quite typical of most children's movies released in our current era.

It was full of the typical, boy meets girl, boy chases girl, and that wasn't only the humans in the movie but also the birds. Of course there were missing characters and the main premise of the movie was the search for said characters.

Why oh why do our children of today need to settle for movies that in my opinion just simply are not of any great quality? Why?

What has happened to the writers? Not only are children's books dumbed down and poorly written but so are the movies. When did it happen?

When did we as consumers, movie goers and book lovers allow this to happen? Because allowing it to happen is exactly what we have done!


Michelle said...

Yay for the drive -in!!!

Oh, I could go on all day about this. The writers are out there. It's the studios that want fast & cheap. Most movies don't start with a writer anymore, they start with a tired premise or trend, and the producers find the first guy that can write the script in the least amount of time for the least amount of money. They have such a low opinion of audiences that they believe people will pay for whatever crap they put out there.

North Laurel said...

Oh wow, I've not been to a drive in movie in... well, it's been a really long time.
I agree with you on the kids movies ...not great. And does it make you wonder, as it does me...that if kids books are dumbed down, are adult books also dumbed down? At what point are they going to stop that? Although it was a horrid movie I do wonder if/when the world would look like the movie Idiocracy (by the way, lol, I would not recommend watching that movie).
I am actually interested in seeing Rio but it'll be rush :)

The Adventurer said...

Oh a drive in movie theater I didn't know they still existed anywhere. How fun. I couldn't agree more on the movie review I thought the very same thing when I sat thru it with my two.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree with Rio, it was big disappointment. Well maybe disappointment is the wrong word as I didnt expect anymore, as you said, the quality just isnt there now. But non the less it looks like you all had a great time. I miss the drive ins. Lots of fun.

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