Friday, October 30, 2009

Montessori Boomarks Via Tagfoot

Have you seen or heard about Tagfoot recently? Well in case you haven't this is how they describe themselves, We like to say, tagfoot is a no-nonsense social bookmarking, wishlisting, and tagging hangout where we find it, tag it, rate it, share it and talk about it. All tagfoot content is contributed and controlled by the tagfoot user community.

You can pretty much find bookmarks, or tags as they call them on any topic you like over at tagfoot. With all of my reading on Montessori and stumbling across so many wonderful ideas for activities I was losing track of where to go back and find everything so I started a tagfoot page just for all of my Montessori stuff.

I thought that it was about time I shared it. I think I have about 120 tags (bookmarks) in there currently and everything is sorted into categories. This really helps to find things. If I want to do something in the practical life area for my 5 year old I can just go to my bookmarks and find the '3 - 6 practical life tag' and all of my bookmarks (tags) for that category will show up.

As I read something online that I want to come back to at a later date I add it to tagfoot. There are several great sites/blogs that I'd love to go back through their archives and add to my tagfoot day when I have a few spare hours maybe hehehe

Anyway, if you are already a tagfoot user you can easily follow me with the follow link. If not you can just view my tags (bookmarks). I've also added in a Widget to the right side bar with the other Montessori links. I will have to let their support area know that they need to allow bloggers to reduce the width of the widget somewhat though as it doesn't quite fit in my sidebar.

So that's tagfoot, check it out.


Wendy said...

I'm going to have to check this out - what a nifty concept! I did Twitter for a little while and liked some updates, but mostly got tired of it. Maybe TagFoot is more my speed.

Kylie said...

Oh yeah I can't handle fast pacedstuff that you have to be attached to all day otherwise you might miss out on something!!! That's why I gave up facebook hehehe.

Tagfoot is still a social site but I only use it for my bookmarks and because I only bookmark Montessori links it is all nice and organised, just what I needed.

Let me know how you go with it.

Caz said...

I did del.ic.ious at one point, which is sorta similar. I found myself 'losing' things still though.. and forgetting to tag em :O

Kylie said...

Yes and that is the problem isn't it LOL!

My Boys' Teacher said...

I'll check it out. Google Reader lets you "share" items, and I generally star things I like as I see them. I don't like that I can't add older items to the lists there though. For the longest time I just had a MS Word document for each subject and pasted in a link when I saw something I liked. That worked well because I could write a sentence about why I saved it if I wanted to. Sounds like Tagfoot might work that way and be easier to share.

Kylie said...

Yes so far Tagfoot is very easy and you can add plenty of your own info to each tag as well.

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