Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween ~ Poetry Fun & Writing Activities

This is actually the first year we've done anything with Halloween. I must admit I have been very anti Halloween over the years. However after having spent the last couple of weeks immersed in the topic with the families from our micro school I really had a great deal of fun!

I've wanted a way to go back over some of the poetry the older group worked on earlier in the year. These fun poem templates were perfect!

They were created by a teacher to use in her younger primary aged class and the download comes with lots of helpers to assist younger students in writing a fun poem.

For our group I had them choose one of the poetry types we had already covered, Cinquain, Haiku or the Limerick. From there they were free to write how they wanted about their chosen halloween character.

The download included a Werewolf, Frankenstein, Vampire and a Witch, although no one in this particular group chose the witch to write about.

Some of the group loved this and jumped straight in feet first and a few of them struggled with their poetry. It's not always easy to come up with a poem on the spot, but in the end they all completed their piece.

Thanks to Today In Second Grade for putting this together. To check it out visit her blog on this link.

Prior to having some fun with poetry I covered the history of Halloween with this group of kids. We used a simple read and write activity so I don't have photo's to share in a separate post.

However this mini unit did contain a brief overview of the origins and influences of Halloween, from the Celts, the Samhain festival, Druids, the festival of Pamona and the Christian influence of All Saints Day!

After completing readings everyone wrote their own newspaper article about The History of Halloween.

You can see this mini unit closer over at Mr Educators store on Teachers Pay Teachers by visiting this link.

Are you covering Halloween in any way this year? I'd love to hear about it if you are.

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Ticia said...

Now I'm off to check out the history of Halloween unit. I'd been thinking of something like this would be interesting to do.

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