Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween ~ Crafty Fun!

We've been having all kinds of Halloween inspired fun over the past couple of weeks. The very clever mummas that I work with in our micro school put together an awesome array of crafts for the kids to have a go with.

I'm fairly certain that none of these are anything new and can all be found online via a simple google search but I wanted to gather them all in one place and share some pictures with you all any how.

Halloween luminaries in recycled glass jars with battery operated tea lights. These are as simple as painting a jar with the colours and designs you wish or possibly using tissue paper with clear drying pva glue. The cute mummy is literally bandages and some goggle eyes. Simple, fast and they look so damn cute lighting up the coffee table.

Spooky black egg carton bats!

Simply cut up the egg carton leaving 3 egg holders intact, paint black, add fangs, goggle eyes and a string to hang it from.

The kids had so much fun with these and every single one looked completely different. You may need to hunt google for some skeleton head images but the rest is completely up to your imagination!

Cut up Q-tips and glue in any way you wish your skeleton to look.

Oh these delightful little Rock Monsters, anyone remember these?

Oh my I loved my little rock group like you wouldn't believe and when I saw these I just feel in love all over again. I was definitely 10 again for a few moments and I think I might've talked about my rock group love far too much that day ;-)

These couldn't get much easier, smooth rocks from the craft store, sharpies, decorate to your heats content and then hot glue on to a base board of some description.

This Pop Stick Haunted House craft is probably the most detailed of all the crafts but gee it looks fabulous and the mum that tackled this one did an awesome job as it was quite time consuming and used lots of hot glue...careful of those fingers!

It was a windy afternoon for the kids trying to put together these milk bottle ghosts but they did look rather cool all hanging there in the breeze.

Simply trim the milk bottle in half, draw your faces with a sharpie, attach streamers to the bottom and a piece of string to the top and hang.

Ok so technically not a craft but still a bunch of fun. This is such a great sensory activity, the kids will either love it or they will really dislike it. My younger two can't get enough and the ingredients make it such an easy thing to put together.

This particular slime is Oobleck, you can find the recipe for this all of the net.

I detailed our Halloween Themed Poems the other day if you'd like to check out how to put those together visit this link.

Milk bottle light up monsters are another delightfully simple craft but they do look fabulous all lit up in a dark room. Would be great to decorate a party with.

Simply decorate the front of a milk carton with sharpies and your scary face of your choice. Cut a hole in the back where you can feed through a short piece of battery operated fairy lights and you're done!

I was actually quite surprised how eager the kids were with these toilet roll halloween characters, from mad scientists to dracula and everything in between. All you need is a bunch of paint, some coloured paper, maybe a few other decorative bits and pieces. Lay it all on the table and let the kids go at it!

Of course no Halloween celebration is complete without food. Again the same principle as above, a whole delicious looking banquet of edible decorations were placed on the table, but what everyone did with them was completely up to them.

The more we get into Halloween the more I see why everyone enjoys it so much!

Have you been getting your Halloween on this week?

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Dawn said...

Wow! So much awesome stuff. I love the rock monsters and the luminaries.
Blessings, Dawn

Kylie said...

Aren't the rock monsters the cutest ever! Thanks Dawn :-)

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