Monday, August 31, 2015

Mulberry Magazine

I was so excited to see the release of Mulberry Magazine, a brand new digital homeschool magazine!

From your first glimpse you can see that a great deal of thought, planning and preparation has gone into the magazine.

The photography is stunning, the articles, informative, interesting and well written.

I love the inclusion of both an art idea section and the simple yummy recipes.

This is a long overdue addition to the Australian Homeschooling Community and I am so happy that Grace and her team have taken the plunge with this endeavour.

As always with any product to help ensure the success it requires the community to make the commitment to subscribe.

Visit Mulbery Magazine at their website.

I've already devoured the first issue and I can't wait for issue two to arrive in my inbox sometime in October.

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Unknown said...

I'm going over to their website now to check them out. Thanks for the review!

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