Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Introducing Monsters Ed Academy

Today I'd like to introduce you to a home educating family from South Africa.

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"Hi, I'm Jo, and I am the voice behind the homeschooling blog Monsters Ed Homeschooling Academy.

I hail from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been married to Steve for 4 years and am mom to Noo (11 years old, Grade 5), Koko (6 years old, Grade 1), Fifi (4,5 years old, Preschooler) and Pixie (2 years old, Totschooler).

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We are currently starting our 6th year of homeschooling 3 out of the 4 kidlets, Noo started attending main stream schooling in January 2013.

We use Clonard Distance Education's curriculum and have since we started homeschooling back in 2009. I love that I am in the position where I am able to homeschool my children and be there for every milestone, both at home and in the school environment.

We are traditional homeschoolers who are inspired by Waldorf and Montessori styled lessons. We often go to the the bush on holiday, either the Kruger National Park or to my mother's farm, FM Safaris.

Our last family holiday was at the Kruger National Parks and we saw 4 of Africa's big 5 in one day. It was amazing!"

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Oh wow imagine just a regular old family holiday where you are seeing all of those amazing creatures in one day!!! Jo's family truly are blessed to live in such a wonderful place.

Thanks Jo for taking the time to introduce your family to us.

Happy Homeschooling,


Momma Jo said...

Thank you so much for featuring us!

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