Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bribie Island Beaches

Staying on an island there is definitely no getting around the fact that you are pretty much surrounded by beaches.

Bribie definitely offers plenty of them and right across the road from our apartment was this perfect spot that the kids loved. Most days it provided only knee lapping waves, just right for a three year old!

On Christmas Day the waves were a little bigger, perfect for Little Surfer Dude to try out his new boogie board he got for Christmas.

All he needed was a push off from dad

and he was grinning from ear to ear! Excited or what!!! So was dad for that matter ;-)

It wasn't long before he really was living up to his blog name of "Little Surfer Dude", catching those waves like a pro.

He was pretty chuffed to catch one all the way up onto the sand.

The bigger kids enjoyed the feeling of being 'way out' , but really they are only waist deep. Looks like they are in the middle of the ocean here.

This large wall has been built to protect against erosion. Fairy Princess enjoyed being thrown into the water and all the kids had a great deal of fun jumping from the staired wall.

It provides a great place to crawl up and down.

The sand is really very good, considering how sheltered this part of Bribie is. Little Surfer Dude sat and played for quite some time.

Further inland across the small dunes Fairy Princess went exploring, as she always does, looking for exciting nature finds. This pretty yellow flower caught her eye.

And of course seaweed, you simply cannot play on the beach without some seaweed.

It took the boys awhile to warm up to the seaweed idea, but eventually they did!

The jetty is pretty much the focal point of the beach area and in fact closer to the jetty area you will find wider expanses of beaches. The jetty is very popular spot for fishing at night.

Come late afternoon, as the tide faded, the same beach, right across the way from us became a whole new area of exploration. Piles of seaside treasures were found here, shells, bones, bits of crab, shark teeth you name it they found it.

I think exploring on low tide is often way more fun than swimming at the beach itself.

We were blessed to witness some great sunsets during our stay. The kids are with their cousins here, not that you can tell who is who.

These couple were taken on my iphone whilst waiting for our Gourmet Pizza and Risotto at Brennan Park.

Bribie also has great surf beaches, I'll show you some of them soon :-)


Jenny said...

What a beautiful beach! Looks like you all had so much fun!

Kez said...

That looks like a gorgeous place - we must go there one day.

My Captivating Life said...

OH these photo's make me miss the warmth so much!!!! I can't wait for spring and the weather to start warming up!

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