Monday, October 10, 2011

Queens Garden (Ipswich) Playground

Once we had some lunch in our hot little hands, we moved on over to the Playground component of Queens Park, gathered ourselves under a shady tree, straight down on the grass. No picnic mat, shoes off, feeling the earth beneath our toes.

After a few bites the children were off. Who could resist a playground that was not only brand new to them, but one that was as well kept and gorgeous as this.

Surfer Dude is in that in between stage in playground land, he's kind outgrown the little kids structures but he finds the larger ones a slightly scary place at times.

Although, he often tries to tackle them.

The playground area is set into the side of the hill, which creates a whole host of smaller play areas for the children to explore.Although not so great if you are the sort of parent that needs to have one eye on all kids at all times.

At the base of the park are twin bright yellow slides, that, to the bigger kids disappointment, were a little slow, but still enjoyed several times, none the less.

Surfer Dude loved hanging upside down within this rope area.

Add water to a play area and you will entertain the children there for hours. Two large water pumps, that really pumped water, into small river like channels, is a great inclusion to this play zone.

Surfer Dude was most disappointed that the train was without a steering wheel, he was planning to head off exploring, but when you are unable to steer your train, well, let's just say he wasn't having  a bar of that.

No matter your age or size, the lure of water play eventually grabs your attention.

The playground also boasts a large spider web climbing area, swings and a wheelchair swing. With large amounts of shady trees surrounding the perimeter.

When next visiting Ipswich this playground will be a definite on our must do's, with a picnic lunch in hand.

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Sig said...

After reading your posts on Ipswich we have put this on our list of things to do : )

earlyyearsteacherdubai said...

I feel a little homesick. We are in Dubai, but whenever we go 'home', my mum (Grandma) always takes my daughter here. It is a family favourite. :)

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