Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ipswich Art Gallery - Mirror Exhibition

After spending a good few hours in the morning sun, getting up close and personal with some of our native wildlife we ventured indoors to the Ipswich Art Gallery.

In the entrance we were all enthralled by this enormous Kaleidoscope. See the little camera on the top left catching all of the images. Every move, wiggle, jump or hop was caught and projected onto the screen.

The main reason we visited the Art Gallery today was to see the Jeannie Baker Mirror Exhibition.

On first entering the area I thought this would end up being one those super quick visits, until we took the time to look more closely.

The exhibition showcases the artwork from Jeannie's book "Mirror". This artwork is paperpiecing at it's finest, truly magnificent. I was first introduced to paper piecing when I began scrapbooking Lego Lover's baby photo's, it was a simple yet effective way to embellish the pages.

Jennie's paper piecings are so inspiring. Lego Lover and myself spent our entire visit wondering just how long each one of the pieces would have taken to create. The photographs really do not do them justice.

It didn't take everyone long to find themselves seated at the creating area. Lego Lover was enthralled with the images in the book. Hence this is on our current wish list of books to buy.

Little Surfer Dude is in an amazing cutting sensory period. I mean he is literally cutting everything. So whilst he did create, his piece didn't last long enough for me to photograph it!

Whilst Lego Lover was extremely impressed with the artwork he chose to wait until he has the book in his hot little hands (at home) so he can study the images more, before tackling any kind of intricate design work.....yes true perfectionist here (anyone else have one of those).

He ended up with a simple but playful one eyed monster. I believe it was the use of sticky tape as the only option that held him back from trying other creations

Little Princess Girl, however was full of concentration whilst working on her piece. Torn waves, teeny, tiny fish and crabs. This really caught her attention and she immersed herself fully in the activity.

I do believe that this particular exhibition has now finished, it is however travelling the country so be on the lookout for it at a gallery near you.

What a day in Ispwich, it was huge but lots of fun.

We visited the Nature Centre
Called into the Enviromental Centre
Played in Queens Park 
Finished up here at the Gallery.

We still have a few others thing to see in do in Ipswich, maybe another day.


The Homeschool Den said...

Wow--you've done such neat things out and about lately. This exhibit looks like it really engaged the kids. We haven't gone to an art museum in a long, long time. ~Liesl

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