Friday, September 16, 2011

Toes In The Sand

You definitely know it's spring time when the water is calling your name.

Although still a little fresh to immerse in completely, it is certainly gorgeous to sit and admire.

A brief 3 minute stroll through a very bushy, but clearly pathed, nature reserve.

We were met with a spectacular view. 
A glorious spring day. 
Perfect for the first beach visit of the season

Waves crashing, sand crunching, wind blowing. 
Is there any better way to while away the time.

Beach as far as the eye can see. 
No matter which direction you look.

I think we will definitely be spending many summer days right here.


Jenny said...

What a day! How beautiful!

Wonderful Homeschool Adventures Logbook said...

Wow a beach! wouldn't that be glorious looks like a lovely day

The Adventurer said...

Spring were you are and fall were I am. Glad we both had a wonderful sunny day. Enjoy your summer:)

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