Saturday, August 6, 2011

Real Life Practical Life

Blocked Drains = A Real Life Practical Life Lesson

Our very primitive set up - 1. Dirty Dishes 2. Wash Dishes 3. Holding Tray for clean dishes - Four hands hard at work!

Thankfully the plumber is here now so hopefully we can return to some level of normalcy soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what a pain that must have been to have the drain clogged! But it's great that the little ones were glad to pitch in and help keep things clean. :)

Mary Prather said...

A good history lesson, too! How things used to be! :-)

Michelle said...

I was just saying yesterday while the girls were having their tea party that I need to pull out some buckets so they can wash their own play dishes. Hope your drains are unblocked now! :)

Susana of Montessori Candy said...

Hi Kylie!
We've had to do this too when some roots broke into our pipes! You took some great pictures btw. I do hope that things go back to normal soon, but meanwhile it's nice that the children were able to help.

Sig said...

simple things!

Melissa said...

You'd pay a bit to have the kids experience that at preschool, lol :)

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