Friday, March 25, 2011

World Wide Wanderings: Pangea

The supercontinent. We briefly touched on Pangea and the theory of the supercontinent. A very fascinating topic and one we will look at more closely during earth science, when we cover plate tectonics.

B completed this notebooking page to include in his geography notebook. I'm not sharing the download to this one due to the images. If anyone would like it you will have contact me via email.

I spent some time searching for a realistic pangea simulation on you tube. There is alot there but nothing that I would say is fabulous (well at least nothing I found).

The following is the last 600 million years of earth's history

This one is quite interesting, showing pangea and then a prediction of 250 million years into the future. Surely gets you thinking.

If you have completed a study on Pangea we'd love to see it. Please link up your blog post in the linky below.


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Fascinating images. Your really started your wanderings way-way in the past :)

The Adventurer said...

Really like that last video of what the world may look like in the future. Very cool:)

Kylie said...

We did didn't we lol! We were jumping into the continents in general and then I thought we should briefly touch on Pangea that's what we did!

Sara said...

I had told my children Australia is moving north, so they were especially excited watching that part.

Ingi said...

Puts the current earthquake spate in perspective.

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