Monday, March 21, 2011

School Room Display Boards

After seeing these on a few blogs lately I finally decided to go grab some simple cork boards to display the children's work.

Nothing fancy, but they have made a nice addition to the room, I often find one of them standing in front of their work and admiring it.

The display boards make it easy to show dad the things they have been getting up to during the day also.

There is no real routine to these, when the boards are full they get emptied and all papers get filed away.

Each child has their own board. That was one of the reasons why I held off for so long on putting them up. Wall space is scarce in this room and I wanted to be certain that we were using the walls to their maximum potential.

For now we enjoy having these and since I hung them with 3M tape they can easily be removed if we ever need that wall space again.


Anonymous said...

Love your display boards! We have trouble with wall space also. I think I might just 'borrow' this idea. :)

Sara said...

I love it.

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