Saturday, December 4, 2010

Currumbin Weekend - Lorikeets at the Sanctuary

We recently had the opportunity to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary thanks to some very lovely and extremely thoughtful friends.

Whilst the Sanctuary isn't overly far from home we thought we'd take a mini break and stay for the weekend. We really enjoy that part of the coast.

All of us had a ball at the Sanctuary. I highly recommend it. The last time I visited I was a child, maybe B's age but I can't be sure. Back then it was purely a Bird Sanctuary and a place where hundreds and hundred's of Rainbow Lorikeets came each day to be fed by the locals. Today the Sanctuary boasts 100's of native animals.

We arrived fairly early, before the morning bird feeding session was over, which was very well timed. Being a weekday there were only a handful of people around. The birds are so used to people that it didn't take long for one to take up position right on top of B's head. He didn't seem to mind.

Rather quickly one became two and they scrambled on his head a bit until both of them flew off in a scurry to the next unsuspecting head.

Next B tried his hand at Bird Feeding, which is a very runny porridge like meal, that the birds gobble up with delight. This harmonious picture quickly turned to ...

this!! Ouch and double ouch!

If you look closely enough in this picture you can see just how sharp those claws (talons) are, no wonder he has that look on his face. Thankfully he came away fairly unscathed, with just a few surface scratches, but he sure hasn't forgotten how much that hurt and was not at all keen to revisit the afternoon feeding session.

With so much to see at the Sanctuary those adorable little birds were put to the back of our minds for the morning. Until we stopped for lunch that was. Within minutes our party of five, quickly became seven or eight, with a few uninvited but welcomed visitors to our lunch table.

C thought they were adorable as long as they kept a safe distance from him.

K was rather pleased that this friend seemed to enjoy her sandwich and she gladly shared her meal with him.

I know these memories are ones the children will carry with them forever, as I have done with mine. Granted they might be fading slowly but I still remember my visit and Rainbow Lorikeet feeding experience and I know they will too.

We took loads of photo's and had so much fun at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary that I am going to break up the day into a few posts.....I hope I don't bore you all!


Kez said...

Oh wow, I went there when I was a kid. I didn't know it was still going :)

Mrs. Whary said...

Rainbow Lorikeets are so pretty.......This year for my birthday we took our boys to a zoo in Philly. They have a Rianbow Lorikeet birdhouse and you are able to feed them....I felt like I was "home" for a few minutes :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great experience! They are such beautiful birds. I bet you guys had a wonderful time.

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