Monday, May 9, 2016

Pop Art

Pop Art Lessons For Kids

As part of our co-op group our primary aged kids have been learning all about the Pop Art era, which exploded in the 1950's

Lichtenstein Art Lesson For Kids

The group talked about how Pop Art was often referred to as loud in its design, they looked at and discussed work by Lichtenstein and noted how he used layers to create his pieces.

They then proceeded to create their own Lichtenstein inspired art pieces.

Andy Warhol Art Lesson For Kids

The famous artist Andy Warhol was up next for discussion and inspiration. The group spent time discussing his design principles and his elements of repetition and colour.

The kids chose their own images in repetition to recreate their own Warhol inspired piece.

Keith Haring Art Lessons For Kids

Keith Haring was the next artist in the line up for their fun with Pop art. Some of Keith's work is not for the faint of heart, please be aware of that before you send your child off googling!

The kids were intrigued to find out that Keith began as a graffiti artist and that under all of that his main message through all of his pieces is one of love.

My daughter particularly enjoyed this style and went on to emulate several other pieces from Kieth Haring during the week after her art class.

Jasper Johns Art Lesson For Kids

Finally it was time for the artist, Jasper Johns and how he chose to hide numbers within his work. The kids proceeded to create their own piece using words. 

Can you see what word they've used in this one?
It's 'Explode', kind of tricky to see all of the letter isn't it!

Another fabulous term of art. I love how during these lessons the group also covers art appreciation without them even knowing it.

Have you looked more closely at the Pop Art era with your children?

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Ticia said...

I love the project. We've been mixing in artist studies with our geography studies, which has been rather fun.

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