Thursday, January 28, 2016

2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks

Previously I shared the resources we will be utilising for our son's 9th Grade and our daughters 6th Grade home schooling year. Today I wanted to share with you what we have chosen to use as our base curriculum and resources for my 7 year old who is entering his 2nd grade year.

I must point out though that we DO NOT USE STANDARD GRADES in our home school. We simply meet each child where they are at and do the next thing. We are also a better late then early family when it comes to academics so please be aware that not everything on the list below is actually aimed at a 2nd grader according to standard levels, they are simply programs/books that we have chosen to use this year.

So without further ado here they are.

Morning Basket:

Daily Notebooks: Quick practice work to reinforce learning
Family Read Alouds
Art Appreciation
Nature Study

Math U See Alpha > Beta
Math Games (online and board style)
Visual Perceptual Skill Builder

Fitzroy Reading Program
Explode The Code
Sight Word Work from TPT
Plus lots of reading aloud

Fitzroy Reading Program

Spelling You See Level A

COAH Literature Units
Aussie Book Adventures
Schoolhouse Teachers

Writing: Daily Journals

Science: Units via co-op (see below)

History: Renaissance & Reformation from Homeschool In The Woods

Geography: Map Reading & Units via co-op (see below)

Art: Art Teacher and via many of our other units 

Health & PE:

Cooking & Home EC Skills
Body Awareness
Bike riding
Running around with friends
Boogie Boarding
Just generally being active
Horse Riding during the winter months

Technology & Design
Safe Internet use
Robotics with a tutor
Lego Construction

Micro-School Learning

Once or twice a week, four times a year we meet with what I have coined our micro-school because in reality that is what it is. We only plan term by term but so far he will be completing a unit using the book If The World Were A Village, exploring Australian Flora, traveling the globe with some cultural round the world units and spending some time learning about Famous People of the world.

Co-op Learning

Once a week in six week blocks, four times a year we will meet with our co-op group. This is a little more relaxed and we have a larger number of families that participate in this group, plus the families are fluid with not all of them coming along all year. Again we tend to only plan per term and so far we have scheduled Art classes, Robotics and some Engineering workshops.

Extra Curricular Activities

Once again this year he will participate Surfing (during summer), Horse Riding lessons (during winter) and we are looking at the possibility of Karate or Little Athletics but need to take a visit to each before making any decisions. He decided earlier this year that at the moment drama classes weren't for him. I'm not sure if he will want to give them a go next year, but I will leave that up to him. He is trying out drumming with a 6 week block of lessons so will see what he thinks of that and what my ears think of it!!

I believe he will make leaps and bounds this year also, his reading is really starting to come together so looking forward to a great year 2!

Happy Homeschooling,


Ticia said...

Second grade seems like one of those light bulb years to me.

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