Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why Are They Marching Daddy?

It's ANZAC Day here today, we've been reading some of our picture books that we have on hand, all of us shedding a tear or two at hearing the stories of bravery and loss.

Many of the books available, even the picture books, are just a little too heavy on war and death for young ones and they aren't always ideal.

I wanted to share this book with you, especially if you have young children, as I thought it was a fabulous introduction to ANZAC Day and what it's all about.

This is the story of Maddy, a young girl that goes to the ANZAC march with her father. As all young children do, she asks questions, lots of them. Questions such as, Why are they marching? What is war?

Is war bad? What does it mean to live freely? And many other questions are asked and answered throughout the book.

In fact this one story pretty much answered all of the questions my younger children had, without the emotional baggage that many of the other picture books bring with them.

I'd recommend you add this to your list. It can be purchased, along with a teacher supplement at this link. or from the Australian War Memorial online store

We are off to the march............. Lest We Forget.............


Julie said...

It looks like a good book, but I couldn't see a way to order online. The order form page says:
"for use only by Australian bookshops, schools, universities, RSLs and public libraries." That doesn't help me raise an Australian overseas. What am I missing? Any ideas?


Kylie said...

Hi Julie, You may need to contact them. I did a quick search and found it online at the Australian War Memorial Online Book Store. I have updated the post to include that link also. Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

I found it at fishpond...

Thanks for this, I also find many of the picture books to be a bit too heavy, this sounds like a good one.

Julie said...

oh thank you!

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