Sunday, January 6, 2013

World Wide Wanderings: Japan Day 2

 Day two of our trip to Japan was filled with just as much fun and learning as our first day.

I have no idea why we've waited years to get this sort of small group fun happening. It is so worth the effort. If you've been thinking about doing something like this I encourage you to give it a go. I'm sure you will love it and have as much fun as we are having with our World Wide Wanderings.

We began the morning with an art and mapping project combined, that I found via Pinterest, which uses oil pastels, water colours and their memories from last week. The finished maps look amazing.

Sara took everyone through a Shinto Creation Myth, which got them all thinking.

Lunch, of course, was none other than Sushi rolling and Japanese Green Tea. Joh brought along her gorgeous authentic Japanese Tea Set. Everyone had lots of fun with this, not to mention quite a bit of a mess. There's definitely an art to rolling sushi!

Tracy took everyone through the Boys Festival of flying wind sock Koi fish. This was such a fun activity, the wind socks looked amazing decorating the BBQ area, it was sad to take them down.

We will all gather once more to wrap up our last couple of items for our travels through this amazing country.

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My Japan Board on Pinterest
Mini Booklets from Homeschool Share
Mapping Activity from Ellen J Mchenry 
Boys Wind Socks from The Crafty Classroom

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Valerie McClintick said...

Oh your windsocks turned out wonderful, I love the gold! Thanks for sharing your link with me!



Waking Forest School said...

Wow, this is really impressive! I love when a unit study can mix in so many crafts, yummy food and smiling faces. I'm going to following your world wide wanderings.

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