Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Art Classes - Week 2, Term 2 - Slab Cylinders

This week B7 had to revisit the use of slab work with clay and create a slab cylinder. Last term he made a slab trinket box so he had some prior knowledge.

After deciding to embellish his cylinder with a snake he realised that it kind of looked like a tree trunk, so that's what he transformed it into. We can't wait to see this one fired and painted up, I think it is his best piece yet.

The finished pieces waiting to be fired. B7's is going to make a great paint brush holder, ready for our new painting area that I have in mind. Thankfully he has agreed, he initially was going to use it to hold his pencils but we now feel that it may be a little deep for pencils so paint brushes it is.


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