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30 Free E-Books For You!

You all know that I've joined the TOS Homeschool Review Crew this year don't you?

Through the review crew we've been introduced to some fabulous resources and in turn I've shared them all with you.

Missed any of those posts? Go back now and have a little browse at all the great products.

There are many more wonderful things to come so please be sure you are following along with any or all of these options:

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The Old Schoolhouse Store has been ever so generous in providing me with some fabulous homeschool help e-books that I can in turn pass on to you.

Completely Free!

Yes all 30 of them, in fact I think there are actually 32 and they are all free for the month of April for you to enjoy.

Let me show you quickly what I've chosen.

Communicate, Write & Organise Your Way To Homeschool Success:  Learn how to organize your homeschool, overcome writing woes, and teach writing skills all in one amazing e-book bundle. Bring success to your school one skill at a time.

I chose this bundle because let's face it, most of us can all use a little help in at least one of these areas when it comes to homeschooling.

Let's take a quick look at what you are getting for free inside this bundle.

e-Book 1: Just How Important Are Comminication Skills
e-Book 2: Play What You Mean
e-Book 3: Communication Skills & Your Gifted Child
e-Book 4: Growing Authors & Illustrators
e-Book 5: Helping The Reluctant Writer
e-Book 6: Why Does My Child Hate To Write
e-Book 7: Organise Your Homeschool
e-Book 8: Inexpensive Organisation

Get your free bundle here: Communicate, Write & Organise Your Way To Homeschool Success

A Voyage Into Adventure: Are you interested in a learning adventure where light becomes more than
just something to brighten a room? Where bugs become fascinating creatures and not something to merely be screamed at? Download this 20-pack Adventure bundle today!

I chose this bundle because I think we all should add in a little more adventure into our homeschool day.

Let's take a quick look at what you are getting for free inside this download.

e-Book1: A Light Unto My Path
e-Book 2: The “Me Time” Myth
e-Book 3: The Value of Homeschool Conventions
e-Book 4: For the Love of Bugs
e-Book 5: Let There Be Light
e-Book 6: Homeschooling With Young Children
e-Book 7: Light, Color, Optics
e-Book 8: From the Tree to the Table: A Maple Syrup
e-Book 9: Oceanography: Voyage Into a Marvelous
e-Book 10: The Submarine: A Legend Before its Time
e-Book 11: Organize Your Homeschool
e-Book 12: Charlotte Mason and Susan Schaefer Macaulay
e-Book 13: Growing Authors and Illustrators
e-Book 14: The Shocking Truth About Electricity
e-Book 15: Simplifying Classical Education
e-Book 16: Creation vs. Evolution: Interpreting
e-Book 17: Play What You Mean
e-Book 18: Lincoln vs. Darwin: What’s the Difference?
e-Book 19: Time Flies While History is Written
e-Book 20: Nifty Thrifty Summer Fun

Get your free bundle here: A Voyage Into Adventure

High School & Beyond Bundle: How will you help your child discover what he will be best suited to do after he leaves home? What are the most important things to consider when helping your child decide on a career?  Learn suggestions from those who have traveled the same road.

I chose this bundle because finding information regarding homeschooling through the high schools and beyond isn't always easy to find.

Let's take a look at what you are getting for free with this bundle:

e-Book 1: Career Exploration
e-Book 2: Transcripts, CLEP's and Other Ways
e-Book 3: Career Training, Mentorship & Parenthood
e-Book 4: College Success Begins At Home

Get your free bundle here: High School & Beyond Bundle

As a quick, simple way to say thank you for these generous freebies please jump over to The Old Schoolhouse facebook page and give them a quick like.

Now to access all of your free bundles throughout the month of April you simply need to use my special code at the checkout --->  KR2CREW16

Have fun shopping and downloading all your free goodies!

Happy Homeschooling Friends,

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Great freebies. Hope they were grabbed by a whole lot of your readers!

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