Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giveaway Coming?

Wow I just realised that this is my 90th post, 10 more and I'll hit the big 100.

Don't they mount up quickly!

I was thinking that maybe I should hold some type of giveaway, what do you think?

To be honest though I'm not sure if I even have enough readers for a giveaway.

Do I? Are you out there, but I just don't know you are there?

If you do read please come out of hiding and let me know so I can decide if I should plan a giveaway or two or not!


Adriana said...

I'm here and I follow. :) I love giveaways. They are fun and a great way to get more readers. Let me know if you decide to do one and I would be happy to blog about it.

I have a giveaway right now that you might be interested in. It is a $25 Amazon gift card that is good worldwide. Check it out here:

Kylie said...

Thanks Adriana, stopping by your blog now!!!

Caz said...

You know I'm hangin around Kylie ;) I thought about doing a giveaway when I hit 100 posts too (I think I'm around 120 now!) but I had a whole 15 followers so I didn't go ahead with it.

I think I might wander over & check out Adriana's blog too :D

Heidi said...

Hi Kylie!

To answer a couple of your questions, I hadn't really thought about international readers for contests. Anything electronic/resources for sure and I'm thinking anything flat and light weight. Maybe I should label each individual month? I'll try to remember.

Tim never wrote up his great lessons for me so they never made it to the blog. There will be some pictures from the lessons up on Friday (I'm doing a true highlight reel from our year so far). The best site I've seen for them from a homeschool perspective is here. It's mostly a compilation of links, but it should give you a place to start. If you have specific questions, email me and I"ll have Tim answer them for you if I can't!

Heidi :)

Amanda said...

Id be happy to be a reader, but my vote is 'nah' for the giveaway. Just keep writing! That's the true gift!


Nicole said...

I'm always up for a giveaway. :)

Kylie said...

Thanks Cari. I already have a couple of things lined up ..... see how I go hey!

Heidi, thank you so much, I'll check out that link now.

Kylie said...

Thanks for your thoughts Amanda, appreciated.

Nicole, thanks for stopping by.

michelle said...

Slow and steady wins the race. So, start out slow and see how it goes!

Kez said...

I'm here too.

Leptir (Nataša) said...

Hey! I'm often here and you have so interesting blog. I'm from Croatia, so I don't know if I can participate in your giveaway, but I LOVE to read your posts

Kylie said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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